Collection: Ramona Heise

I began my journey in the arts at a very young age, eventually becoming an accomplished stained glass artist and master seamstress. 24 years ago I began apprenticing with Charles Favour, a well known Southwestern Jeweler and master leatherworker. Over the years we have become a team and mentor one another. I have refined and expanded on the work we have done together to amalgamate into something unique and entirely my own.

With his blessing, my hard work, discipline, and passion I began partnering exclusively with Alexandra Shamaya many years ago. She is an artist herself and represents our team across the Southwestern United States at juried art shows such as the National Finals Rodeo and many others throughout each year. She has been a catalyst in realizing my dreams of becoming an independent artist. I specialize in cuffs using many techniques, precious metals and stones that I inlay with great detail. Iʼm inspired by traditional Native American design, Russian filigree, as well as, my teachers past and present. I absolutely delight in these opportunities as it offers a new and insightful experience each time.

Every year, my craft is evolving, expanding, and influenced by the people and beauty that I experience. My dream is to continue my work, as it is my life, I live and breathe the creations and beauty it adds to my life journey.